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Agaval Chanting

Arutperunjothi agaval is chanted by group of Sanmarga people on every Sunday evening from 0500 pm to 0800 pm.

By gathering every Sunday, people had felt changes and peace in their mind. This chanting program will be conducted continuously as now with the Arutperunjothi Andavar graces to multiply the count of Sanmarga people.

Dwellers of Chengalpattu are requested to attend the Agaval chanting program on every sunday to get understand the greatest graces of Arutperunjothi Andavar.

The path of Sanmargam has a dictionary called Thiruvarutpa which is penned by Vallalar. This book will lead us the path. Please spent your little time to read Thiruvarutpa (especially sixth thirumurai).

Please invest your time to start thinking about the body,earth and space (Satvisaram). This reflexion will take us to the meeting of what do we want to meet intentionally and intensively. So please commit to make our vision clear as that of Vallalar and he is the one who always praying for us to become part of Sanmargam.

Without Vallalar, cant recognise - - - -
Arutperunjothi Andavar,
Suttha Sanmargam.

So the holy man (Vallalar) who revealed the Arutperunjothi Andavar is our Guru to continue the walk on Sanmarga path to reach our destination (Arutperunjothi Andavar).


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